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About the Project

Artificial intelligence for better regulation at EU

About the project:

This project aims at providing support for developing a new approach for impact assessments of pieces of national and transposed EU legislation using new technologies and, in particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of AI in the legislative process will allow for faster comparison between existing and new legislation, increase legal certainty as to the legislative proposals, and contribute to the reduction of administrative burdens to citizens and businesses.

Main objectives and activities:

  • Contribution to a more efficient and less time-consuming impact assessment exercise, allowing for faster comparison between legislative proposals or between a proposal and existing legislation;
  • Contribution to a more transparent legislative process by improving legal certainty;
  • Facilitating the analyses of national and transposed EU legislation for the identification of overlapping obligations for businesses or citizens.


Partnership: NOVA IMS is the coordinator of this European project and the representative of the beneficiary entity (PlanAPP).

Other Informations

Ref./Contract n.: 101102340

Funding Programme: Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Funding to NOVA IMS: €359.138,01

Duration: 10/12/2022 - 11/10/2023