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ProctoGO - Digital Tools for Sustainable Goals

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ProctoGO - Digital Tools for Sustainable Goals

Digital Tools and Sustainable Goals

ProcToGo aims to explore innovative ideas in education as key elements for connecting higher education institutions and the labour market and, as a result,  enhancing graduates employability in the area of Sustainable Procurement, where the demand of professionals with digital skills is more and more increasing. By Integrating traditional academic learning paths with non-traditional approaches based on competency-learning, in particular adopting micro-credential approach, the project contributes to respond to the increasing demand on academic offer that tailor graduates to specific competencies and profiles required by the labour market in the area of Sustainable Procurement.

ProcToGo proposal focuses on the area of Procurement. Procurement is taught in a very “disciplinary” way: looking either at its managerial implications, or at its engineering requirements or, eventually in courses of administrative law, at the legal constraints in Public Procurement.



The project will provide new digital teaching contents allowing learners to acquire the new digital skills required by the labour market. The project will also contribute to development of a different teaching approach and recognition of qualification based on digital contents and microcredentials, supporting “traditional” universities to be more effective in the Digital Education arena with respect to the new skills demanded by the job market, also in a life-long learning perspective. Therefore, the project aims to contribute to the up-to-date discussion on digital micro-credentials as a new mean to deliver successful skills development programmes at higher education level.