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GeoTech Artificial intelligence for better regulation at EU

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GeoTech Artificial intelligence for better regulation at EU

The joint programme is delivered by three partner universities with complementary profiles: the University of Münster (WWU), the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). By combining their respective expertise and building on a long-standing, successful cooperation, the partners provide a consistent and innovative study programme that equips its graduates with the needed skills to address core societal challenges using geospatial technologies.

NOVA IMS joint programme with 3 european partners.


  1. Implement a joint and integrated Master’s programme in Geospatial Technologies;
  2. Effectively prepare students with different educational backgrounds for the labour market so that they are able to apply innovative geospatial technologies to address key societal challenges;
  3. Establish a world-wide network between and across students, alumni, beneficiaries, associated Industry partners, and additional supporting network partners.