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Discover the MagIC Journey: our Five-Year Activity Report

Discover the MagIC Journey: our Five-Year Activity Report

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We invite you to explore our comprehensive Activity Report. This report details the remarkable achievements of MagIC Research Center over the past five years, showcasing our dedication to advancing the field of Information Management.

Over the past five years, MagIC has established itself as a leading research center, fostering informed decision-making through innovative approaches to information management. Here's a glimpse into some of our key accomplishments:

  • Research Excellence: Our researchers have published over 1,070 impactful contributions, with 83.7% appearing in prestigious international scientific journals indexed in Scopus and WoS. 84.7% of these publications are openly accessible, demonstrating our commitment to open science.
  • Global Collaboration: MagIC boasts a diverse team of 93 researchers, including 40 PhD-holding members and 34 doctoral students. This collaborative spirit has led to 45.8% of publications resulting from international collaborations.
  • Securing Funding: Through strong grant proposals, MagIC researchers have secured an impressive €11.7 million in funding for 39 research and innovation projects. This diversified funding portfolio highlights our ability to attract support from national and international agencies.
  • Investing in the Future: MagIC plays a crucial role in training the next generation of information management leaders. Over the past five years, 49 PhD students have graduated under the supervision of MagIC researchers, and a remarkable 1596 MSc students have benefited from their expertise.

Invitation to Explore Further:

We encourage you to visualize our progress and ongoing projects in real-time by exploring our dynamic Power BI dashboard. This digital tool exemplifies our commitment to transparency and accountability, ensuring that our activities are readily available for exploration and scrutiny.