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Leonardo Vanneschi

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Leonardo Vanneschi, Full Professor

Doctor in Computer Science (University of Lausanne - Switzerland)

Coordinator of the Data Science Research Stream

Leonardo Vanneschi is a Full Professor (Professor Catedrático) at the NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. His main research interests involve Machine Learning, Data Science, Complex Systems, and Evolutionary Computation, in particular. His work can be broadly partitioned into theoretical studies on the foundations of Evolutionary Computation and applicative work.

The former covers the study of the principles of the functioning of Evolutionary Algorithms, with the final objective of developing strategies able to outperform traditional techniques. The latter covers several different fields, including computational biology, image processing, personalized medicine, engineering, economics, and logistics. He has published more than 200 contributions and has led several research projects in the area.

His work has been consistently recognized and appreciated by the international community from 2000 to nowadays. In 2015, he was honored with the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Evolutionary Computation in Europe, in the context of EvoStar, the leading European Event on Bio-Inspired Computation.

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