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NOVA Information Systems & Analytics Lab

Information Systems Topo


  • Digital Transformation and Innovation;
  • 4.0 Industry;
  • Information Technologies (IT) and Information Systems (IS) adoption;
  • IT and IS value.


The mission of the Information Systems & Analytics Lab is to promote and foster best practices in the adoption, use, and creation of IT and IS value among organizations and their employees. To achieve the above objectives, this laboratory has the leading technology players worldwide as partners. It also has a multidisciplinary team, in which some of its researchers also collaborate in leading organizations in their areas.


  • To develop projects that support the implementation, integration, and standardization of new business models, based on the most innovative IT;
  • To promote analytical methods for better use of ITs, in order to improve management performance, achieve operational excellence and obtain a competitive advantage;
  • Develop research in the fields of IS, which can be subsequently applied, translating into an increase in the value generated for organizations;
  • Develop digital transformation and Industry 4.0 projects;
  • Carry out consulting, advisory, and skills development projects for organizations seeking to develop business and organizational strategies in order to obtain a competitive advantage in the markets in which they operate.