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Research Management and Development


The research management and development services assist the executive board of MagIC in the administration and implementation of its strategic project and activities.

Aiming at increasing MagIC’s capacity to attract research competitive funds, we provide support in all stages of the submission of research applications, from the identification of funding opportunities, collaborating in the development of partnerships, providing help in the application process and negotiating successfully funded applications at the end. We also promote science communication and outreach activities aiming at a broad impact of MagIC research results.


  • Where can I find an overview of research funding for MagIC areas?

    The Research Management and Development services can assist you in finding the funding opportunities target to your topic or area of research. If you are looking for competitive calls to fund your research ideas, please contact and we can present you a calendarization of future call for proposals fitted to your are, as well as to map the previous funded projects

  • I found the perfect topic to submit my application. What support can I expect from MagIC?

    The Research Management and Development services provide support throughout the proposal preparation, namely: helping you understand the Funder's guidance and requirements, gathering all the administrative required documentation, developing a budget estimation, as well as reviewing your application and advise on structure, content and formatting.

  • I was invited to join a collaborative project. What should I do?

    This is the starting point of a great adventure in the proposal submission! The Research Management and Development services can assist you in gathering all the administrative required documentation, in developing a budget estimation and in cooperating with the overall consortium in the development of the proposal.

  • I just received the good news that my proposal was awarded. What should be my next steps?

    Congratulations, your excellence and competitiveness were recognized by the evaluators, and you were selected for funding!

    Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that you still have a negotiating phase to complete and, only with the grant agreement signed you can start you project. At this stage, the Research Management and Development services will join forces with Project Management Office to support you in the final pre-award stage and prepare you with the internal rules, procedures and tools for a successful financial execution of your research project.