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NOVA Tourism & Hospitality Analytics Lab


Discover the intersection of technology, data, and tourism at our state-of-the-art NOVA Tourism Analytics Lab, powered by Nova IMS. Dive into a world of innovation, research, and education where data-driven insights redefine the landscape of the tourism and hospitality industry.
Blending theories and applications from Information Management, Data Science, Statistics, and Business Analytics with knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry, the NOVA Tourism Analytics Lab aims to harness the power of data-driven strategies to optimize decision-making.


  • Innovative research projects;
  • Specialized research projects;
  • Executive programs;
  • Networking events.

Some projects


Generate and disseminate innovative knowledge in Tourism Analytics to help organizations and stakeholders harness the power of data to optimize their operational and strategic decisions. This lab bridges the gap between academia, industry, and destinations by developing cutting-edge analytics models and tools, providing evidence-based insights and network development to enhance the tourism ecosystem's overall efficiency and sustainability.


This lab's objectives revolve around conducting high-quality, interdisciplinary research and developing state-of-the-art analytical tools and techniques. It provides a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration for students, researchers, territories, and industry practitioners. The lab is committed to promoting ethical, responsible, and innovative use of data and analytics in shaping the future of the travel and tourism sector.