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Equality, Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion


At MagIC, we believe that research excellence flourishes within a strong human resources strategy that cultivates a collaborative, supportive, and attractive work environment. This environment is built upon the core values of Equality, Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion (ECDI), empowering everyone to thrive and reach their full potential.

Our Commitment to ECDI

MagIC is dedicated to developing an organizational culture that embodies ECDI principles. We recognize these values as fundamental for achieving research excellence. We are committed to the holistic development of all collaborators and fostering a work environment free from obstacles related to gender, culture, nationality, religion, physical ability, psychological makeup, or sexual orientation.

MagIC and Gender Equality

While strides have been made in recent decades towards gender equity in education and career opportunities, significant inequalities persist in areas like work-life balance, career advancement, leadership roles, and salary fairness.

As part of NOVA University Lisbon, MagIC adopts the “Gender Equality Plan - NOVA University Lisbon 2021-2025” (NOVA GEP), adapting it to the specific context of our research center. NOVA's GEP, following SPEAR guidelines, adheres to international and national frameworks addressing gender-based inequalities and discrimination. These frameworks include the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda, the European Union Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, and the Portuguese National Strategy for Equality and Non-Discrimination 2018-2030 “Portugal+Igual” (ENIND). Within this framework, we identify key measures to address and eliminate gender-based discrimination and promote equal opportunities for all:

  • Foster a culture of gender equality and promote unbiased social environments.
  • Reduce gender-based inequalities and discrimination in employment.
  • Encourage equal opportunities in leadership and decision-making roles.
  • Eliminate the gender pay gap.
  • Promote work-life balance for a healthy personal and professional life.
  • Ensure equal access to training and educational opportunities.
  • Combat stigma and discrimination based on gender, disabilities, and age.
  • Promote inclusive and future-oriented scientific and technological development.
  • Combat gender-based violence and harassment.

To ensure the successful implementation of these measures and continued alignment with NOVA's GEP, MagIC has designated a gender equality representative. This representative acts as a liaison between MagIC/NOVA IMS school and the NOVA Rectorate, specifically focusing on monitoring the GEP and its related activities, such as training and awareness campaigns.