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NOVA Business Modelling Analytics Lab

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Discover the intersection of technology, data, and tourism at our state-of-the-art NOVA Tourism Analytics Lab, powered by Nova IMS. Dive into a world of innovation, research, and education where data-driven insights redefine the landscape of the tourism and hospitality industry.
Blending theories and applications from Information Management, Data Science, Statistics, and Business Analytics with knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry, the NOVA Tourism Analytics Lab aims to harness the power of data-driven strategies to optimize decision-making.


  • Business process analysis and modeling;
  • Rating models for competitiveness and innovation from a business and regional perspective;
  • Modeling forecasting problems applied to processes as a source of business competitive advantage;
  • Analysis and forecasting of technological innovation trends.


The NOVA Business Modelling and Analytics Lab is dedicated to developing and promoting tools and knowledge for the business sector, advancing management practices through data science and advanced modeling and forecasting techniques.The Lab focuses on transforming business models with an emphasis on economic, organizational, and ecological sustainability, contributing to the development of ecosystems and the innovation economy.


  • Develop technical and scientific activities addressing real-world economic and business challenges.
  • Foster academia-industry collaboration platforms for joint participation in projects, studies, and other initiatives.
  • Enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of businesses and regions through the use of analytical tools, modeling, and business expertise.
  • Apply data science, modeling, and forecasting techniques to business processes to improve efficiency, value, and sustainability.
  • Contribute to the innovation economy and new business ecosystems geared towards global markets.