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Labs & Innovation


MagIC research center fosters innovation by actively collaborating with a diverse range of partners. This includes leading figures in industry, public administration bodies like municipalities and government entities, and other key stakeholders. Through collaborative initiatives, MagIC strives to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world applications.

One key driver of this collaboration is the creation of the NOVA Analytics Labs specialized laboratories. Supervised by experienced researchers in their respective fields, these labs function as crucial interfaces between the excellence of MagIC's research and the specific needs of organizations. Collaborative projects carried out in these labs facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the development of innovative solutions tailored to address real-world challenges faced by businesses and other partners.

Furthermore, MagIC researchers actively participate in interdisciplinary research communities, such as the NOVA Interdisciplinary Research Community on Sustainable Energy Systems and the InnovPlantProtect CoLab. These communities foster collaboration across diverse disciplines, aiming to generate impactful solutions that address complex global challenges aligned with the principles of sustainable development.

Through these collaborative efforts, MagIC not only contributes to significant advancements in research and innovation but also plays a vital role in driving positive societal impact. This collaborative approach fosters the creation of qualified jobsstrengthens regional development by partnering with regional entities, and positions MagIC as a prominent hub for attracting investment across various sectors.