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NOVA Data-Driven Public Policies Lab

Policies Topo


  • Evidence based public policies;
  • Identification and framing of new policies;
  • Impact assessment;
  • Policy and programme evaluation;
  • Governance, accountability & quality;
  • Research design and data analytics;
  • Data governance and database management;
  • Survey based research;
  • Training/knowledge transfer.


To promote the development of better, more efficient and more effective public policies.


  • To promote the development of public policies based on evidence;
  • To promote a culture of evidence-based policy making and policy impact;
  • Scientific development for policy ecosystems;
  • Promote the use state-of-the art methodologies for policy evaluation and impact assessment;
  • Promote accountability and transparency of public policies;
  • Promote the use of data analytics and data science methodologies at the service of better public policies;
  • Contribute to more effective decision making and the optimization of public resources and their allocation.