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NOVA Innovation and Analytics Lab

Innovation Analytics

We work in the interception of people and data, at a deep level, so we can create and take advantage of the new possibilities it enables.

Our hope is to create understanding between quantitative and qualitative disciplines to promote practical advances in many areas of business, education and society.

For us, innovation is about new, positive, impactful ways to create meaningful learning opportunities, and enable people to untangle complexity and make better decisions.

We believe in the power of transferable skills and collaboration, the power of empathy and creativity, the power of visualization and storytelling.

So, welcome to the Innovation and Analytics Lab, where you can realise your full potential while building new capabilities that allows us the continuous realization of a desired future.

The goal of this program is to train technical staff and managers to:

  • Develop strategies, methods, and tools for knowledge and information systems management;

  • Analyze the contexts of organizations and their significance in establishing innovative methods based on the most recent technological advances;

  • Master the processes and tools used for the storage, organization, and access to information in organizations;

  • Improve organizational efficiency through the creation and design of business processes;

  • Create and develop information systems and technologies that meet organizations' information needs.


Insights Engine

  • Analytics and Big Data;
  • Ethnography and Customer Research;
  • Foresight and future thinking;
  • Ideation Process;
  • Criativity;
  • Design;
  • Iteration and Go to Market;
  • Rapid Prototyping and UX Design;
  • Project Management;
  • Business Planning and Competitive Intelligence.

Leadership & Change

  • Leadership, Negotiation, Team and Conflict Management;
  • Communication and Organizational Network Analysis;
  • Change and Knowledge Management;
  • Ethics.


Human Centred Data Science.