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Funding Opportunities for MagIC

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Funding Opportunities for MagIC

Stay up-to-date with the latest research funding opportunities for MagIC research areas. Explore the open calls and schedule an appointment with the Research and Development team to discuss your research idea and proposal.

Twice a month, the Research and Development team compiles a newsletter with the novelties research funding opportunities and shares it with MagIC research members. 


  • European Partnerships DUT- Urban Doers grant | 14th June 2023
    The grant includes monetary support as well as access to training, coaching, networking events, webinars and other support activities to help the initiatives develop their ideas and build up the know-how to engage more strongly in related research and innovation activities.
  • FCT - Bilateral Cooperation Portugal-France 2023: joint call under PESSOA Programme | 26th June 2023
    Exchange actions of researchers by supporting their mobility within the framework of international projects. Projects will have a maximum duration of 24 months, renewable annually under the terms of Articles 13 and 14 of the regulations. The annual FCT funding per project is 2,000 euros.
  • FCT - Call on Advanced Computing Projects: Artificial Intelligence in Cloud (2nd edition) | Deadline: 12th July 2023
    The present call for proposals aims to support research and development projects using the GCP offer in artificial intelligence and data analysis algorithms
  • IN3+ Award | Deadline: 31st July 2023
    To support the creation of new ideas, national and international, within the INCM Innovation Network, a wide network of partners that establishes the bridge between business reality and academic knowledge.
  • FCT - Call for R&D Projects in All Scientific Domains | Foreseen for July 2023 
  • HERA 2023 - Call for joint transnational proposals on the theme of Crises | Deadline: 21st September 2023 
    Proposals may involve research projects from a variety of perspectives aligned with one or more of the following sub-themes: a) Different understandings of crises; b) Crises and the human response; c) The representation of crises.
  • Portugal 2030 - SICE - Inovação Produtiva (Productive Innovation)  | Deadline: 15th December 2023
    Support to SMEs contributing to the improvement of the productive capacities of SMEs and to the
    development of innovative, digital and sustainable solutions, mainly based on R&D results and the increase of skilled employment.
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - European Media and Information Fund Call “Boosting Fact-checking Activities in Europe” | permanently open until June 2025
    Supporting projects from independent fact-checking organisations, which play a key role in limiting the negative effects of disinformation on the public discourse and democratic processes.
  • Fundação Francisco Manuel dos SantosPrograma de Estudos | permanently open
    Thematic areas: Economy, Institutions and Society
  • Banco de Portugal - Grants for visiting researcherspermanently open
    Preferred topics include monetary and labour economics, financial intermediation, banking, and studies on the Portuguese economy.

Horizon Europe - Pillar 1: Excellent Science

Horizon Europe - highlights for Pillar 1: Excellent Science

  • Horizon Europe - Marie Curie: MSCA Feedback to Policy 2023 | Deadline: 6th June 2023
    To assess the extent to which MSCA projects achieve two of the core horizontal policy objectives of the programme: the development of researchers’ training, skills and career and the related promotion of intersectoral collaboration.
  • Horizon Europe - Marie Curie: MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023 | Deadline: 13th September 2023
    Enhance the creative and innovative potential of PhD researchers who wish to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary mobility.
  • Horizon Europe - COST Actions | Deadline: 25th September 2023
    A COST Action is an interdisciplinary research network that brings researchers and innovators together to investigate a topic of their choice for 4 years.
  • Horizon Europe - Marie CurieMarie curie Doctoral Networks | Deadline: 28th November 2023
    Implement doctoral programmes by partnerships of universities, research institutions and research infrastructures, businesses including SMEs, and other socio-economic actors from different countries across Europe and beyond.

Horizon Europe - thematic calls

Horizon Europe – highlights for thematic collaborative projects

Cluster 1 – Health

Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity and Inclusive society

Cluster 3 - Civil Security for Society

  • HORIZON-CL3-2023-BM-01-04 | Deadline: 23rd November 2023
    Interoperability of systems and equipment at tactical level; between equipment and databases; and/or between databases of threats and materials
  • HORIZON-CL3-2023-CS-01-03 | Deadline: 23rd November 2023
    Security of robust AI systems
  • HORIZON-CL3-2023-CS-01-01 | Deadline: 23rd November 2023
    Secure Computing Continuum (IoT, Edge, Cloud, Dataspaces)
  • HORIZON-CL3-2023-SSRI-01-02 | Deadline: 3rd February 2024
    Accelerating uptake through open proposals for advanced SME innovation
  • HORIZON-CL3-2024-CS-01-01 | Deadline: 20th November 2024
    Approaches and tools for security in software and hardware development and assessment
  • HORIZON-CL3-2024-INFRA-01-01 | Deadline: 20th November 2024
    Resilient and secure urban planning and new tools for EU territorial entities


Cluster 4 – Digital, Industry and Space

Cluster 5 – Climate, Energy and Mobility

  • HORIZON-CL5-2023-D2-02-03 | Deadline: 5th September 2023
    Creating a digital passport to track battery materials, optimize battery performance and life, validate recycling, and promote a new business model based on data sharing (Batt4EU Partnership).
  • HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-03-04 | Deadline: 10th October 2023
    Digital tools for enhancing the uptake of digital services in the energy market.
  • HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-03-05 | Deadline: 10th October 2023
    Creation of a standardised and open-source peer-to-peer energy-sharing platform architecture for the energy sector.
  • HORIZON-CL5-2023-D4-02-01 | Deadline: 5th September 2023
    Innovative uses of lifecycle data for the management of buildings and buildings portfolios (Built4People Partnership).

Cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

  • HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-1-two-stage | Deadline: 22nd February 2024
    Circular solutions for textile value chains through innovative sorting, recycling, and design for recycling.
  • HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-02-4-two-stage | Deadline: 22nd February 2024
    New circular solutions and decentralised approaches for water and wastewater management
  • HORIZON-CL6-2024-CircBio-01-6 | Deadline: 22nd February 2024
    Digital information systems for bio-based products
  • HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE-01-3 | Deadline: 28th February 2024
    The role of mainstream media, social media and marketing in fostering healthy and sustainable consumption patterns and how to encourage good practices
  • HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE-01-6 | Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Develop innovative applications to support the European Green Deal, building on meteorological satellite data
  • HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE-01-7| Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Enhancing working conditions and strengthening the work force through digital and data technologies – the potential of robotics and augmented reality in agriculture


Horizon Europe Missions



  • HORIZON-INFRA-2024-TECH-01-04 | Deadline: 12th March 2024
    AR/VR-empowered digital twins for modelling complex phenomena in new RI application areas


European Innovation Council | European Innovation Ecosystems/ 

Horizon Europe - WIDERA

Horizon Europe - highlights for WIDERA: Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area

  • Horizon Europe - WIDERA: Twinning Bottom-Up | Deadline: 28th September 2023
    Twinning aims to enhance networking activities between the research institutions of the Widening countries acting as co-ordinators and top-class leading counterparts at the European Union level by linking it with at least two research institutions from two different Member States or Associated Countries.
  • Horizon Europe - WIDERA: Hop on Facility | Deadline: 28th September 2023
    The Hop On Facility allows for legal entities from low R&I performing countries to join already selected collaborative R&I actions, subject to the agreement of the respective consortium and provided that legal entities from such countries are not yet participating in it.
  • Horizon Europe - WIDERA: ERA Talents 2024 | Deadline: 26th September 2024
    Boost interoperability of careers and employability of research and innovation talents across sectors, funding mobility and training activities with a centre of gravity in Widening countries.

Other international

  • ERASMUS+  Partnership for Excellence - Centres of Vocational Excellence | Deadline: 8th June 2023
    This action supports the gradual establishment and development of international collaborative networks of Centres of Vocational Excellence. Centres of Vocational Excellence will operate at two levels: 1) at national level involving a wide range of local stakeholders creating skills ecosystems for local innovation, regional development, and social inclusion, while working with CoVEs in other countries through international collaborative networks; 2) at international level bringing together CoVEs that share a common interest.
  • NATO - Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme| Deadline: 16th June 2023
    Funding for proposals for Multi-Year Projects and Events (Advanced Research Workshops, Advanced Training Courses and Advanced Study Institutes).
  • European City Facility (EUCF) 5th Open call | Deadline: 30th June 2023
    Aims to support municipalities and local authorities in developing Investment Concepts related to the implementation of actions identified in their climate and energy action plans. The ultimate objective of the EUCF is to build a substantial pipeline of sustainable energy investment projects across municipalities in Europe.
  • FLAD - FLAD Science Award Atlantic 2023 | Deadline: 30th June 2023
    Research projects that contribute to the creation and development of cross-cutting tools and strategic solutions for current and future challenges in the context of human action in the Atlantic.
  • Internal Security Fund (ISF) - Data sets for the European Data Space for innovation | Deadline: 4th July 2023
    The objective of this invitation is to carry out the preparatory work needed for the creation of high-quality large-scale shareable data sets for innovation, including work on interoperability e.g. through standardisation and privacy e.g. through anonymization. The work undertaken should be based on identified operational use cases (i.e. types of applications that will use the data).
  • TAILOR Connectivity fund - Research visits and Workshops | Deadline: continuous open call (next call 15th July)
    Support of research visits between 1 and 12 months. We will pick up the bills so that you can focus on doing excellent AI. You must either be from a non-TAILOR lab visiting a TAILOR lab, or vice versa.
    Workshops that facilitate scientific exchange with the worldwide AI community to tackle big challenges in AI. Alternatively, we welcome workshops aimed at providing a swift and coordinated reaction to unexpected developments, and to build bridges with other European AI initiatives.
  • NLnet Foundation - NGI0 Entrust | Deadline: 1st August 2023
    Aiming to deliver "architectures, protocols and services to ensure that end-users can exert their rights (e.g. under the GDPR) and benefit from decentralised technological solutions that ensure that they are fully in control of their personal data on the Internet." Examples include mobile operating systems, internet and web protocols, open hardware laptops and phones, encryption tools and videoconferencing services.
  • NLnet Foundation - NGI0 Core | Deadline: 1st August 2023
    This funding is looking for troubleshooters that help society tackle the ossification of the internet and other hard but very very important challenges, each of which has significant social and economic consequences. New ideas and disruptive core technologies, while at the same time evolving and growing existing technologies that are still enough future-proof.
  • Fulbright - Fellowships for professors and PhD researchers | Deadline: 15th August 2023
    The fellowship is intended to support Professors and researchers with a PhD to lecture and/or carry out research projects at universities or research centres in the US during the academic year 2023/2024.
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation - Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme 2023 | Deadline: 31st August 2023
    Collaborative projects led by a Danish research team in collaboration with 1-3 co-applicants (from all over the world). The project should be based on a novel research idea, with an interdisciplinary, high-risk/high-gain challenge at the centre. 
  • CSWEP-SSRC Women in Economics and Mathematics Research Consortium Call for Proposals| Deadline: 31st August 2023
    Funding proposals to rigorously evaluate potentially scalable interventions designed to increase the numbers and success of women in the economics and mathematics professions. 
  • Lifelong Learning Awards | Deadline: 31st August 2023
    To welcome good practices in “Key Competences for All: a Lifelong Learning Approach to Skills“
  • Digital Europe - Boosting Digital Skills of young pupils, in particular girls| Deadline: 26th September 2023
    International projects aiming to foster stronger cooperation between primary, secondary and VET schools and tertiary education and research to increase the number of pupils enrolling in digital studies.
  • Justice Programme (JUST) - Call for proposals for action grants to support transnational projects in the fields of e-Justice, victims’ rights and procedural rights | Deadline: 4th October 2023
    The call for proposals aims to facilitate effective and non-discriminatory access to justice for all, and effective redress, including by electronic means (e-Justice), by promoting efficient civil, and criminal procedures, and by promoting and supporting the rights of all victims of crime as well as the procedural rights of suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings.
  • Digital Europe - Bosting Digital Skills of young pupils, in particular girls | Deadline: 26th September 2023
    The aim of this action is to pilot actions to increase the number of students pursuing digital studies and careers, with a special focus on increasing participation of girls.
  • Danish Data Science Academy Visit Grants| Deadline: continuous open call
    As part of the DDSA Fellowship Programme, the Danish Data Science Academy provides funding for national and international bachelor’s and master’s degree students, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to spend time with new research groups of interest in Denmark.

If you are looking for competitive calls to fund your research ideas, please get in touch with and we can present you a calendarization of future calls for proposals fitted to your area, as well as map the previously funded projects.