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AI-AUDIT-EU-FUNDS-IBA Use of artificial intelligence on audit of the EU Funds

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About the Project

Use of artificial intelligence on audit of the EU Funds

About the project:

The project intends to develop and apply novel methodologies, namely using data science and artificial intelligence in the audits of the EU Funds, for increasing the efficiency of the detection of errors, cases of suspicion of fraud and other irregularities in EU funds.

Main objectives and activities:

  • Inducing a better use of data already available in the public administration and adopting an audit framework and management strategies as a result of the developed methodologies;
  • Increasing the proportionality of the audits, reducing the burden on the beneficiaries which are generated by audits that, instead, can be partially substituted by analytical activities with a smaller impact on the beneficiaries;
  • Increase energy citizenship and energy communities.


Partnership: NOVA IMS is the coordinator of this European project and the representative of the beneficiary entity (IGF).

Other Informations

Ref./Contract n.: 101102245

Funding Programme:  Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Funding to NOVA IMS: €274.500,00

Duration: 12/10/2021 - 11/04/2024