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Research Streams

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Research Streams

MagIC is structured around four research streams (i.e., Geoinformatics, Data Science, Information Systems, and Marketing), which enables a deep practical commitment and alignment effort of the research team to contribute more effectively to the advancement of the field of Information Management and Data Science.

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Information Systems Research Streams

In the Information Systems Research Stream, the emphasis is on understanding the key drivers for diffusion, adoption, and success of information.

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Data Science Research Stream

Data Science is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge that uses scientific approaches, algorithms, and computational systems to extract information from data.

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Geoinformatics Research Stream

Geoinformatics uses innovative information science infrastructure and methods to approach spatial problems in relevant societal areas where location plays an important role.

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Data-Driven Marketing Research Stream

Data-Driven Marketing applies novel theories and tools to better understand human judgment, decision-making, and related processes.

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