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Information Systems Research Streams

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Information Systems Research Streams

In the Information Systems research stream, the emphasis is on understanding the key drivers for diffusion, adoption, and success of information.

Information Systems Research Streams, 2020

In the Information Systems Research Stream, the emphasis is on understanding the key drivers for diffusion, adoption, and success of information technology artifacts at the individual and organizational levels. In this area, we investigate better lenses, in each context, that allow us to understand and promote technology across every adoption unit.

We have the following Areas of expertise:

  • Adoption of IT/IS; Value of IT/IS;
  • Digital transformation / Industry 4.0;
  • User/Consumer Behavior;
  • E-Government;
  • E-health;
  • ICT4D;
  • Digital Divide;
  • e-literacy.

Aside from all technological advancements, user/consumer behavior is considered the main concept for understanding, managing, and accomplishing sustainability. The social science-related work associated with technological solutions development is usually a critical requisite for attaining better user/consumer engagement, which will be crucial to enhance the impact of the proposed research development.

The Information Systems research stream focuses on IT innovativeness adoption, use, and value of upcoming IT challenges. We provide a deep understanding of the user/consumer behavior journey across all adoption units using primary and secondary survey and real-behavior data (e.g., logs).

We have the ability to apply tailor-made conceptual models combined with innovative approaches for the identification of homogeneous behavior/attitudes and cluster them in order to provide insights about the drivers and inhibitors to the adoption of the technological solutions and the perceived value for each group.


The Information Systems research stream mission is to promote and streamline the best practices for adopting, using, and creating value for IT and IS, with organizations and their employees. The Information Systems research stream maintains several partnerships with leading technological players worldwide and business associations to achieve its objectives. The Information Systems research stream has a multidisciplinary team, in which some of its researchers also collaborate in leading organizations in their fields, such as Google, Microsoft, SAP, among others.


  • Develop and support projects that promote the implementation, integration, and standardization of new business models, based on the most innovative IT;
  • Promote analytical methods for better use of IT in order to improve management performance, achieve operational excellence and obtain a competitive advantage;
  • Develop research in IS domains, which can be applied later, increasing the value generated for organizations;
  • Develop digital transformation projects and Industry 4.0;
  • Carry out consultancy, advisory, and skills development projects for organizations that seek to develop the business and organizational strategy in order to obtain a competitive advantage in the markets in which they operate.