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2nd Portuguese Symposium on Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

26 Sep, 2024
Fórum Cultural de Alcochete

2nd  Portuguese Symposium on Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

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About the Event

Following on from the success and impact of the first Portuguese Symposium on Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, the 2nd Symposium is once again being organized, promoted and supported by Alcochete City Council and is being scientifically coordinated by NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) and the Centre for Philosophy of Science at the University of Lisbon (CFCUL).

With the motto "Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence", the aim is to explore the impact of some aspects of AI on our society and what it means to be human in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Being human is to act, think and feel in certain ways. The omnipresence of AI in contemporary society will insurmountably and irreversibly change the way we are.

The Symposium on Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence features keynote interventions and round tables. Its main objective is to deploy synergies between various domains of scientific thought around AI, including stakeholders from the industry and the civil society. We intend to further contribute to the technological, economic, and ethical development of AI in Portugal.



09:00 AM | Opening Session

  • Fernando Pinto | Mayor of Alcochete
  • Helder Coelho | President of the Scientific Committee
  • Robert Clowes | FSCH- UNL

09:30 AM | Keynote 1: AI & Philosophy

  • Susan Lynn Schneider | Florida Atlantic University

10:30 AM |Round Table 1 – Conscious AI

  • Can an AI become conscious? Can an AI have a mind even if it is not conscious? How can we detect the presence of consciousness in an AI? Will AI’s have rights and duties if they are conscious?

11:45 AM | Coffee Break

12:00 PM | Round Table 2 - AI & The Human Condition

  • Can AI healthcare and robotics extend human life? Can AI help prevent climate change? Can AI help manage energy and natural resources? Will AI have an impact on human rights and liberties? Will AI increase unemployment and inequality?

01:15 PM | Lunch

03:00 PM | Keynote 2: Neuroscience

04:00 PM | Round Table 3 – AI & Creativity

  • Can AI be creative? What are the aesthetical limits of generative AI? How does generative AI change what we think art is? Can intellectual property be attributed to AI art? Should generative AI pay intellectual rights?

05:15 PM| Coffee Break

05:30 PM | Invited Communications - Posters

06:30 PM | Community Meeting

08:00 PM | Dinner



09:00 AM | Keynote 3: AI & Technology

10:00 AM | Round Table 4 – AI & Agency

  • Can we control AI? What happens to human autonomy and freedom in times of ubiquitous AI? Can we detect fake news and deep fake? Should LLMs like GPT be used to teach, give legal advice or provide political indoctrination?

11:15 AM| Coffee Break

11:30 AM | Round Table 5 – Ethics & Responsible AI

  • What is responsible AI? Could there be a moral AI? Is ethical judgement embeddable in AI systems? How hard is the opacity problem? Is trustful AI possible? How can tech companies contribute to prevent AI from impacting negatively in human societies?

01:15 PM | Lunch

03:00 PM | Keynote 4: AI & Society

04:00 PM | Closing Session

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This symposium will be held at the Alcochete Cultural Forum, in Alcochete.

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