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Lecture: Cooperation or competition? What Genetic Programming can tell us

04 Jul, 2022
INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS

Lecture: Cooperation or competition? What Genetic Programming can tell us

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Genetic Programming is a class of bio-inspired Machine Learning algorithms. To solve a problem, Genetic Programming algorithms evolve solutions by simulating Natural Selection, in which solutions compete to survive. However, is competition enough for evolution?

From Nature, we know that cooperation is also essential. In this seminar, we will talk about Genetic Programming algorithms that incorporate cooperation amongst their solutions. Through these computational models, we can also learn about how competition and cooperation can play together.

Registrations until July 3rd.


Karina Brotto Rebuli

Data Scientist

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Karina Brotto Rebuli is a Data Scientist, with a Masters in Advanced Analytics from the NOVA University of Lisbon. Her research interests are Evolutionary Computation, Automatic Machine Learning and ethics of Artificial Intelligence systems.
Currently, she is doing a PhD at the University of Turin on developing and applying Machine Learning modelling to improve animal welfare.


The lecture will be held online, by Zoom plataform, or on-site, at the INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS, located in Campus de Campolide, Lisbon.

Metro: S. Sebastião (Blue and Red Line); Praça de Espanha (Blue Line)
Carris: 701, 713, 716, 726, 742, 746, 756, 758, 770