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2024 GO P2P Meeting: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Local Energy Market Innovation

2024 GO P2P Meeting: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Local Energy Market Innovation

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The 2024 GO P2P meeting brought together academics, non-profits, and private sector leaders to discuss research and pilot projects in local energy markets. This event highlighted the potential benefits and challenges of scaling local energy markets, focusing on economic gains, business opportunities, and power system balancing.


The meeting began with a welcome from the UCL team, setting the stage for discussions on key issues like scalability and regulatory challenges. Presentations included four compelling case studies from Filipe Neves da Silva (EDP), Luisa Matos (Cleanwatts), Pepijn van de Water and Sjoerd Doumen (ENTRNCE), and Jeremy Harrison (LCP Delta).

Discussions covered important topics such as the necessity of blockchain for transactions, privacy concerns, and the complexity of peer-to-peer (P2P) versus peer-to-market trading. Attendees examined the profitability and beneficiaries of various cases and discussed the impact on power systems, including grid balancing and challenges. The engagement section focused on effective communication and representing local interests.

On the second day, open to all interested, the focus shifted to future work packages, including data analysis and country-level reports. Participants shared updates on their projects, leading to a lively exchange of ideas and progress. The final session was dedicated to the future of GO-P2P, which is set to conclude in February 2025. Discussions centered on the group's direction, potential funding, and leadership transitions.

Key takeaways included the need for supportive regulatory frameworks to reduce risks in local energy markets, addressing fixed and variable costs for economic scalability, and ensuring technology readiness while speeding up permitting processes. The future of GO-P2P was also a major point of discussion, with plans for continued impact and growth.

The event was made possible through collaboration with NOVA School of Law and NOVA IMS Information Management School. Special thanks to our researcher, Ian Scott, and Lucila de Almeida for their exceptional support, and to the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office for their financial contribution.

The insights and collaborations from the 2024 GO P2P meeting are closely aligned with the ongoing work at the MagIC Research Centre. By actively participating in such events, MagIC continues to push the boundaries of research in local energy markets, striving for innovative solutions that address regulatory, financial, and technical challenges. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting developments from this meeting and the future contributions from MagIC in the field of local energy markets.