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Interview Jornal de Negócios | Professor Manuela Aparício

Interview Jornal de Negócios | Professor Manuela Aparício

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Manuela Aparício, Professor and Associate Dean for Education at NOVA IMS, gave an interview to Jornal de Negócios, under the theme "ChatGPT in education: the eloquent desk colleague".

In this article, it is mentioned that ChatGPT is a platform that has been gaining more and more popularity for its large-scale knowledge base, being increasingly used as an easily accessible "human consultant".

However, this artificial intelligence system may bring some controversy in education and learning. As a result, professors are looking for new ways to evaluate students to prevent forms of fraud in academic work.

Professor Manuela Aparício, believes that "we are watching the transition to a technology that replaces a desk colleague by something more and more eloquent, but not necessarily more competent and human.

For these reasons, it is necessary to put more emphasis on ethical education, especially appealing to the responsible use of artificial intelligence. Technology is neither good or bad, but what we do with it."

Read the full article here. (in Portuguese)