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Leonardo Vanneschi Appointed as Director of MagIC

Leonardo Vanneschi Appointed as Director of MagIC

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The MagIC Research Center, housing over 80 researchers specializing in Data Science and Information Management, welcomes its new Director. Leonardo Vanneschi, a distinguished professor at NOVA IMS, assumes the leadership from Tiago Oliveira, steering the Center's focus across four pillars – Geoinformatics, Data Science, Information Systems, and Marketing. Vanneschi states that “It's a great honor and privilege to serve as the new Director of MagIC”. “As I embark on this journey, I'm committed to propelling MagIC forward. My candidacy is driven by a genuine zeal to foster outstanding research, collaboration, and the professional growth of our esteemed colleagues and researchers”.

He further emphasizes: “Our collective triumph hinges not solely on individual accomplishments but also on our cohesive community work. My primary focus will be to prioritize this collaborative aspect in my role”.

Holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Lausanne, Vanneschi brings extensive expertise in machine learning, data science, and complex systems. An acclaimed researcher globally, he earned recognition with the Outstanding Contribution Award in Evolutionary Computation in Europe back in 2015.

Consistently listed among Stanford University's prestigious 'World's Top 2% Scientists' since 2019, Vanneschi's diverse research spans multiple domains like computational biology, image processing, personalized medicine, engineering, and logistics, contributing to a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach vital to his new leadership role.