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MagIC Research Centre showcases young scientists work at Encontro Ciência 2024

MagIC Research Center showcases young scientists work at Encontro Ciência 2024

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Encontro Ciência 2024, an annual event organized by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), Universidade do Porto, and Ciência Viva, is focusing this year on +Science for One Health and Global Well-being. This significant event gathers researchers, innovators, and stakeholders to share knowledge and tackle current challenges.

MagIC Research Center is proud to be part of Encontro Ciência 2024, where it will showcase the pioneering work of its young researchers through three research posters. Each poster presents recent studies that contribute valuable insights to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

A Hybrid Modelling Approach for Detecting Seasonal Variations in Inland Green-Blue Ecosystems
By Bruna Almeida & Pedro Cabral
This research addresses the challenge of mapping Green-Blue Ecosystems (GBE) by examining seasonal variations and their relationships. It aims to overcome the limitations of large datasets in current satellite-based climate models. The proposed two-step modelling strategy improves the efficiency of managing and analyzing these large geospatial datasets, ultimately enhancing GBE mapping workflows.
Explore the Poster: Hybrid Modelling for Green-Blue Ecosystems

The Feeling Economy in Healthcare: Satisfação com Inteligência Artificial Conversacional
By Mariana Carrilho
This study investigates the impact of Conversational AI (chatbots) on patient satisfaction in both physical and mental healthcare settings. Mariana's research seeks to answer key questions about how interactions with AI voice agents affect patient satisfaction, the role of empathy in this interaction, and the differences in satisfaction between physical and mental health scenarios involving AI.
Explore the Poster: The Feeling Economy in Healthcare

RM-Roadmap: Mapping Professional Development Opportunities for Research Managers across Europe
By Cristina Oliveira and Fátima Dias
RM-Roadmap is a pan-European initiative aiming to enhance Research Management (RM) across Europe over the next three years. This poster reveals preliminary findings from an EU-wide survey, focusing on how RM professionals across Europe are currently utilizing professional development opportunities.
Explore the Poster: RM-Roadmap for Research Managers

MagIC's participation in Encontro Ciência 2024 stresses the importance of communicating research findings to a wider audience. This event fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration, driving scientific innovation and societal progress. By presenting these posters, MagIC contributes to the national scientific dialogue, addressing critical challenges and promoting a more informed and engaged public.

Discover more about Encontro Ciência 2024 and register HERE.