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NOVA IMS Tackles Climate Challenges with FARCLIMATE Project

NOVA IMS Tackles Climate Challenges with FARCLIMATE Project

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In response to the pressing challenge of climate change, NOVA IMS is proud to join the FARCLIMATE project, funded by the Horizon Europe programme. The project aims to develop and expand climate-resilient measures, making them available and understandable to everyone, while also paying special attention to the social, political, and economic barriers that are commonly found. FARCLIMATE actions will be implemented in at least 20 regions and communities in Europe, where transformative solutions will be developed to achieve climate resilience.

To achieve this great challenge, FARCLIMATE has set out a comprehensive work program, including engaging with all relevant stakeholders in each region, establishing Living Labs to perform co-creation, testing and scaling-up innovative activities in real-life environments, conducting deep research of the main value chains, socioeconomic and environmental characteristics, and existing economic sectors of all investigated regions and communities, and implementing technical and socially feasible innovative solutions in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries economic sectors.

Under the leadership of Professor Tiago Oliveira, NOVA IMS will lead the Consumer Behaviour and Empowerment assessment task, which aims to understand the relevant factors that influence consumers' acceptance/behavior and change behavior. Data will be collected from different European countries and analyzed using structural equation modeling techniques.

This project is seamlessly integrated into the Information Systems Research Line of the MagIC research center, where the primary focus is on comprehending the pivotal factors influencing the diffusion, adoption, and success of information.

The FARCLIMATE project's ambitious goal is to tackle the challenges of climate change and achieve climate resilience in European regional economic systems. NOVA IMS's contribution to the project, particularly in leading the Consumer Behaviour and Empowerment assessment task, will be crucial in achieving the project's objectives and contributing to scientific knowledge in the field of climate resilience.