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Find An Expert

To explore potential collaborations and find out how we can work together to make a significant impact in the field of Management and Data science, please reach out to the MagIC Research Management and Development team at 

You can also visit our team page for a complete directory of MagIC researchers and their contact information.

Partnerships with other Research Institutions and Academics

MagIC fosters a vibrant research community and welcomes collaboration with leading research institutes worldwide. We offer a stimulating environment to tackle complex Management and Data science challenges through joint efforts. 

  • Joint Research Projects: Develop and execute cutting-edge research projects with shared goals and expertise. 
  • Faculty and Student Exchange Programs: Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster collaboration between researchers and students at both institutions. 
  • Co-organized Workshops and Conferences: Collaborate on organizing workshops and conferences that address key topics in management and data science. 
  • Student Thesis Supervision: Offer opportunities for your BSc, MSc, and PhD students to develop their theses under the co-supervision of MagIC researchers, gaining valuable experience and expertise in a leading research environment. 

Explore our Research Profile with information about our international collaborations, scientific outputs and activities for topic or keyword. 

Business and Innovation

Are you a business leader facing complex challenges in today's data-driven world? MagIC researchers are here to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world applications. They can support you with: 

  • Data-driven solutions: Leverage our expertise in data science and analytics to gain actionable insights from your data and optimize your operations. 
  • Advanced problem-solving: Tackle complex business challenges with innovative approaches informed by our research in management and data science. 
  • Customizable research projects: Partner with MagIC to design and conduct research projects that address your specific needs and provide valuable data for strategic decision-making. 
  • Executive development programs: Empower your leadership team with the latest knowledge and skills in data-driven decision-making through our tailored executive education programs. 

Explore our past and current business collaboration on the NOVA Analytics Labs webpage.

Media Inquiries

Are you a journalist seeking insights from a MagIC researcher for your story? Our team of experts in management and data science can provide: 

  • Expert commentary: Offer valuable perspectives on current research and innovation trends. 
  • Background briefings: Deepen your understanding of complex topics with in-depth explanations. 

Please contact the MagIC Research Management and Development team at to connect with the most relevant expert for your specific needs.