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NOVA IMS Researchers Recognized for their Impactful Research Narratives, 2023

NOVA Information Management School is proud to announce that two of our researchers, the Director of NOVA IMS Professor Miguel de Castro Neto and Professor Mauro Castelli, have won the NOVA's Research Impact Narratives Challenge. This challenge, initiated by NOVA University Lisbon, aimed to spotlight the profound impact of research endeavors while highlighting the diverse spectrum of effects facilitated by their funding. The recognized impacts encompassed social, environmental, political, cultural, technological, economic advancements, and enhancements in health and quality of life.

Professor Castelli presented an impact narrative on "An Artificial Intelligence System for Online Gambling Addiction Detection and Prevention," which aids gambling control authorities. Professor de Castro Neto presented an impact narrative on "SMART REGION - Building communities and promoting territorial cohesion with analytics," which discussed the success of NOVA Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab's experience in building smart and sustainable cities. 

The comprehensive impact narratives can be explored in the 2023 edition of the NOVA Science Magazine, available at