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Desertification National Observatory

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Desertification National Observatory

The DNO supports compliance with the responsibilities of the Desertification National Observatory and provides the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Forests (MADRF) with a data infrastructure that can be easily reused and extended to other purposes/sectors with a high potential for creating positive externalities. More specifically, it provides the Observatory with a data infrastructure development strategy that will support the construction of online monitoring dashboards for tracking indicators.

Activities to be developed:

  • Establishment (creation and implementation) of a virtual platform for the Desertification National Observatory;
  • Creation and development of an open data portal on desertification that gathers, in one place, free and user-chargeless access to information obtained in the context of the Observatory's activities, with links to relevant databases of other entities;
  • Promotion and monitoring of the establishment and operation of online monitoring panels (dashboards) supported by the open data portal for monitoring relevant indicators in the context of the Desertification National Observatory.