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About the Project

The purpose of CONSCIOUS II is to create a curriculum that will train the clinical trialists of the future and provide them with the skills to design, conduct and manage multicentre clinical trials, and report their findings in accordance with the internally agreed CONSORT statement. The planned e-learning material and curriculum, with world-wide access, will meet the needs of our target groups - PhD students and early career researchers in the medical, pharmacy and healthcare professions.


  • To design a clinical trial curriculum which will provide PhD students and early career researchers with the skills to design, conduct and report on clinical trials in their relevant disciplines;
  • To provide transferable interdisciplinary training to PhD students and early career researchers, focusing on leadership, scientific publishing and teaching so they have the tools to become clinical trial leaders in their respective fields;
  • To disseminate widely, through our respective Universities and partnerships, the finished curriculum, to make this training available to as many people as possible worldwide;
  • To continue your collaboration with our ECRIN partners, to raise awareness and disseminate the finished CONSCIOUS II curriculum.


Partnership: Masaryk University; Université Paris-Sud (Paris XI); University College Cork; Pécsi Tudományegyetem.

Our contribution

NOVA IMS will lead the development of the e-learning platform, a central output of the CONSCIOUS II project. This platform will serve as the hosting space for CONSCIOUS II courses and resources, enabling self-learning with remote assistance from project partners through online discussion forums and various interaction tools. The platform will feature interactive elements to enhance cooperative learning, focusing on problem-solving through synchronous sessions facilitating tutor-student interaction. Clear information about the CONSCIOUS II training package, scheduled actions, and access to modules will be provided post-registration. NOVA IMS will implement diverse interactive resources such as textual content, YouTube videos, images, infographics, scientific articles, and communication tools like discussion boards. The e-learning platform, based on open-source solutions like Moodle 3.8, will incur only development and maintenance costs. Furthermore, a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) will be adopted for universal, free, and open access to the developed resources, encouraging sharing and adaptation. Technical specifications for the platform will be defined through a survey of open-source tools, considering cost, innovation, and adaptability to remote training trends. The platform's first release will undergo pilot training, emphasizing remotely assisted learning and interactive tools for cooperative problem-solving, fostering a collaborative community for sustained knowledge exchange.



Funding Programme: ERASMUS+ KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Funding to NOVA IMS: €30.095,00

Duration: 01/11/2021 - 31/10/2024