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MDT - Managing Digital Transformation, 2021

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New and emerging digital disruptive technologies - such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Social Media, Big Data, Smart Devices, Internet of Things (IoT) - create new business challenges and change the traditional value creation paradigm. Industry 4.0 presents organizations with challenging problems requiring new approaches and solutions. Digitalization opens new opportunities and intensifies and accelerates the rate of innovation. The need for professionals able to develop and implement strategies and tactics addressing the digital transformation by businesses, organizations and governments is high and urgent. Not just hard, digital skills, but also soft skills to guide organizations through the whole process of digital transformation.

However, the shortage of staff with specialized and multidisciplinary skills and knowledge is the biggest barrier for organizations.  This project addresses the shortage of ‘digital leaders’ by developing a 30 ECTS program (EQF 5-7) called ‘Managing Digital Transformation’ (MDT). The program will be designed for students and professionals with a high interest in entrepreneurship and management, who possess a Bachelor's degree in a study as Economics, Communication, Business Administration, Education, Public Management, or a Bachelor's degree of a technical study.

The multidisciplinary program will deliver digital leaders who can enable successful digital transformations, thereby contributing to the competitiveness of Europe and of individual organizations.