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About the Project

Intelligent interconnection of prosumers in positive energy communities with twins of things for digital energy markets

About the project:

TwinERGY aims to provide ICT tools (Digital Twin included) solutions for exposing energy consumers to volatile real-time energy market tariffs, complementing them with Critical Peak Pricing, which will enable personalized and context-aware guidance to consumers, towards reducing their energy bills, enhancing self-consumption and making the most out of local storage and generation, without compromising their comfort or indoor environment quality.

NOVA IMS leads the consumer behaviour analysis and consumer engagement.


  • TwinERGY will introduce a first-of-a-kind Digital Twin framework that will incorporate the required intelligence for optimizing demand response at the local level without compromising the well-being of consumers and their daily schedules and operations;
  • TwinERGY will develop, configure and integrate an innovative suite of tools, services and applications for
    consumers, enabling an increase of awareness and knowledge about consumption patterns, energy behaviours, generation/ demand forecasts and an increase of local intelligence via properly established Digital Twin-based Consumer-Centric Energy Management and Control Decision Support mechanisms that locally optimize demand response;
  • Key use cases will be trialled across 4 pilot regions making use of cutting-edge methods and tools. Special focus is given to standardization and policy & market reform as key enablers for the successful commercialization of the TwinERGY results. 

Our Contribution

NOVA leads the way in the analysis of consumer behavior task. The approach combines insights into behaviors, attitudes, and energy consumption habits in households with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) aspects and the interactions between devices. This innovative approach allows for the development of a customized conceptual model centered around understanding consumer behavior related to energy.

Multi-group analysis will be used to group consumers based on their energy behavior and attitudes, taking individual traits into consideration. This method aids in the identification of factors that drive or inhibit the adoption of technological solutions and how each consumer group perceives their value. Data will be collected from various European countries to support the research.


Partnership: Panepistimio Patron (EL) (Coordinator), Stam SRL (LT), Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe (DE), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT), Les R&D Ie 6 Benetutti (IT), the University Of Bristol (UK, Knowle West Media Centre Lbg (UK), Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited (CY), Etra Investigacion Y Desarrollo Sa (ES), World Energy Consortium P.L.C. (MT), Mytilinaios Anonimi Etaireia (EL), Bristol City Council (UK), European Dynamics Luxembourg SA (LU), Stadt Steinheim (DE), Ideas 3493 SL (ES), Arthur's Legal BV (NL), Smart Energy Europe (BE).

Other Informations


Ref./Contract n.: 957736

Funding Programme:  Horizon Europe

Funding to NOVA IMS: 313 591,25 €

Duration: 01/11/2020 - 31/10/2023

News about the Project

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    TwinERGY, a project by Professor Tiago Oliveira, promises a more energetic and sustainable future