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Bee2WasteCrypto project aims to develop a differentiating and intuitive IT tool which, based on high resolution data on waste production, allows Regional Waste Management Utilities (RWMUs) to design and manage optimal decentralized solutions for each region, as well as promoting more sustainable waste production and separation behaviors.

The project is based on Data Science, with the objective of determining the best combination of technologies that maximize the recovery of waste, through local strategies, but with a global scope.


  1. Provide RWMUs with the ability to design the best set of technologies to be used in the context of their operation;
  2. Develop an IT system to facilitate Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) systems, together with the use of blockchain technologies to produce reliable information;
  3. A Token, eventually based on a “cryptocurrency”, designed to use Blockchain technologies that pay for sustainable individual behavior when returning waste for recycling or reuse.