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C-TECH - Climate Driven Technologies for Low Carbon Cities

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C-TECH - Climate Driven Technologies for Low Carbon Cities

The C-Tech project aims to investigate, develop and validate at the pilot scale a digital platform of smart cities for urban planning and modeling that - based on a three-dimensional representation of the city and its combination with various data from different sources (such as climate, energy and water consumption, mobility and, above all, the behavior of user groups, determined by the use of the mobile phone) - will allow to simulate different scenarios of energy efficiency of buildings, creation of green structures and energy efficiency of urban mobility, empowering local authorities to identify and effectively address specific environmental issues, in order to promote the reduction of their carbon footprint.        

A digital smart city platform for urban modelling and planning.


  1. Platform for urban modelling and planning (PUMP): based on the physical representation of the city;
  2. Dynamic Energy Consumption Building Model (DECB): simulation of building energy use and thermal needs for all the city, providing individual building resolution;
  3. Climate-based urban human powered comfort model (CBUPCM).