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CITY CATALIST - Catalisador para cidades sustentáveis, 2020

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CITY CATALIST - Catalisador para cidades sustentáveis, 2020

The ambition of the “City Catalyst - Catalyst for Sustainable Cities” project is the research, development and validation, in a real context, of technological solutions and innovative services that enhance an integrated, more efficient and effective urban management, and catalyst for innovation and development. sustainable development through specific contributions to the implementation and interoperability of urban platforms.

The project was structured around different research and development lines that were pioneering from the perspective of Smart and Sustainable Cities related to the infrastructures of sensing, communication and computational processing; information security and privacy; data models and interfaces; as well as processes of open innovation and co-creation for the competitiveness of smart and sustainable cities.

It also includes the implementation of a set of demonstrators in order to validate the functioning of the solutions to be developed in 5 Portuguese cities (i.e Porto, Aveiro, Guimarães, Famalicão and Cascais).