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The Data4Covid19 project proposes the development of a platform that enhances the crossing of multiple data sources in an integrated manner, allowing the relevant entities in each of the areas of action to design, implement, and monitor, in an articulated way, measures to combat pandemic.

The proposed action plan intends to guarantee the availability of instruments that contribute, from now on, to a better management of the current situation, but also, that enables an effective retention of knowledge, fundamental for the future combat of situations of the same type, whether in planning and construction of public policies, either in management.

This is an application to the R&D Companies typology, in the co-promotion modality, with the promoting consortium consisting of 3 non-business entities from the national I & amp; I system and 2 companies.


The Data4Covid19 Project is part of measures that enhance the creation of a support program for the use of information technologies focused on improving the country's capacity to monitor health and to prevent, detect and treat the disease in innovative ways. Finally, the project will also be able to boost the development of services that respond to new models of intelligent care that allow people to remain in their homes, promoting as much autonomy as possible and encouraging personal responsibility for adopting healthy lifestyles.