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With the advent of COVID-19, it became even more imperative to diagnose, treat and monitor patients through telehealth, minimizing the movement of citizens to health institutions, maintaining the continuum of care and improving the quality of services provided by the NHS. In technological terms, natural evolution involves increasing the use of various digital channels, starting by optimizing the sharing of information in good time between citizens with illness and the various health agents through more advanced digital interfaces, and new support tools diagnosis and decision for doctors and health professionals. It is for this purpose that the PLANO-A-SAÚDE-C19 is developed.

The design and architecture of the platform was developed in a consortium between GS, ISEL, NOVA IMS, EM and ULSBA. The platform includes components designed to support the activities of the outpatient monitoring process.


The solution will also allow patients to have a more active role in various decision-making processes, being more involved in controlling their disease and relating more effectively and closely with their doctors and health units