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Six NOVA IMS professors recognized among the world's TOP 2% scientists, 2023

Stanford University has released its prestigious list of the world's leading scientists, and it includes six professors from NOVA IMS. Fernando Bação, Leonardo Vanneschi, Manuela Aparicio, Mauro Castelli, Paulo Rita, and Tiago Oliveira have achieved the remarkable status of being among the top 2% of scientists worldwide in 2022. Notably, Professor Leonardo Vanneschi is recognized for his career-long impact on their respective fields.

This list is compiled using data from Scopus, the reference database of article abstracts and citations for newspapers and other academic publications, covering approximately 19,500 titles from over 5,000 international publishers. It highlights the top 2% most cited researchers globally across 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields, considering the influence and impact of academic research.