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Understanding Information Technology (IT) Diffusion Process

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MagIC researchers have made significant contributions to the understanding the diffusion process of Information Technology (IT) – initiation, adoption, use, and value creation – across individuals, firms, and society. A key example is cloud computing. We developed a research model based on the diffusion of innovation theory and the technology-organization-environment framework. 

Building on the IT diffusion research, we partnered with Microsoft to study Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) use and value. This collaboration led to over 10 scientific publications and contributed to new developments in Microsoft's ERP products. 

The research on IT adoption and value creation has also led to the development of post-graduation and executive courses (e.g., Digital Enterprise Management with Google, SAP, and IDC; Enterprise Information Systems with Microsoft). 

A collaboration with SAP focused on assessing the business value of big data analytics in European firms. This partnership resulted in more than four scientific publications and contributed to new developments in SAP's Business Analytics offerings. 


Publication: Oliveira, T., Thomas, M., & Espadanal, M. (2014). Assessing the determinants of cloud computing adoption: An analysis of the manufacturing and services sectors. Information & Management, 51(4), 497-508.